Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yup, me again.

I have no exciting news of my own.  Well, I have an interview on Tuesday, but that's not exciting right now.  It just has the potential for creating something exciting.  We'll see.  On Tuesday.  And well, in reality, there'll be at least a week of waiting.  Fun.

In other people's news that is exciting to me, my oldest (oldest as in she's been my friend the longest, not that she is actually oldest in age because she's not) had a baby last week!  His name is Preston.  And I get to meet him today!  He's adorable, based on pictures, and well, what baby isn't adorable when it has some kind of connection to you.  And I get to be his aunt.  Because his mother and I are old friends, and (I'm deciding this part) because he has no biological aunts anyway, because both his mom and dad have brothers.  So his aunt is not going to actually be related to him, but he's not going to know any different.  Especially right now.

I've read two books so far this year.  That's good.  One of them, called "Still Alice" is about a woman who has Early OnSet Alzheimer's disease.  It's a bit ... poignant.  Very good book.  I recommend it.

The other was about Grace Kelly.  Also, my mother and I went to see the Grace Kelly exhibit.  It was quite interesting, except for the bitchy attendant who snarked at me for touching something I wasn't even touching.  (She could have easily been pleasant about it, and just asked that I not touch it; she was very accusatory.  It was mean.)  And of course, I was annoyed by all the other people there, but that's not unusual.  I just don't like people.  If everything I do, could be done with only the people who are closest to me, I would be a happy person.

But that world will never exist.   And really, who else would want to live there.  My life is dull.

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