Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day one of the new year

Haven't broken my resolutions yet.

Haven't really started most of them either.

But I do have plans to start one (exercise is forthcoming later this afternoon), and I am going to write more.  Which is the point of this post.  The writing more is going to be completed as a kind of project.  I have a book called "A Writer's Book of Days".  It gives writing prompts for each day of the year.  I am going to write based on those prompts, trying to do it every day.   And, helping with the blog more resolution, I'm going to do it in a blog.

But in order to avoid clogging up this one, I've started a new one, just for that writing:  Just in case anyone is interested in reading.  I will not say that it will be interesting for anyone to read.  A lot of it probably won't make any sense at all.  But the best way to write, is to write.  And so, the project begins.

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