Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm crazy.

That's the only explanation.

I am once again signed up for something that I have never yet managed to accomplish.

I'm insane, right?  Because not only have I never managed to do it in the past, this year I'm trying to have an extra job, too.  That's nuts, right?

Somebody tell me I'm not stupid.  Or insane.

I may panic soon.

NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday.  I have ideas, but is it enough of an idea for a 50,000 word novel?

*shaking my head*  Crazy, I tell you.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

and repeat...

Another interview for another part-time job this afternoon.  *shrug*  Kind of torn now.  Don't know which one I'd prefer.  Which, since I haven't been offered either is kind of a moot point, I realize, but I hope that something comes out of one of these.  That would be nice.  A little less stress in the form of budget ease would be lovely.  Especially coming up to Christmas.

Beyond that nothing is happening.  Life is dull.  And that's mostly because of the budget stress.

I do get to go see Nick Carter on Thursday.  That's exciting.  But also stressful, because I still owe my friend for the ticket.  And I have to pay for gas to get there.  *sigh*  It all comes down to that, doesn't it?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


If a place can only hire you if you have a certain availability, and they've known what your actual availability is from the first time they called you, but they've continued to pass you through interviews to the next stage, does that make them ridiculous?  Or does it make it positive because they're planning to be flexible for you?

Or does it just make it all a waste of time?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Had a second interview at Best Buy this afternoon.  A very repetitive process, because she had me fill out a paper copy of the application that I'd already filled out online and asked me the same questions that I was asked during the phone interview.

On Thursday I meet with the GM for the third interview.  I was asked to bring a void cheque or banking information so that if the third interview was successful they'd just get all the paperwork done right then.

So far, so good, I guess.

Guess I'll find out next Thursday if I have a part-time job.

I realized while I was there though, that all the employees are wearing beige/tan pants.  I don't own any beige/tan pants that I can currently wear.  So, in an attempt to be proactive or an act of positivity, I went and purchased a pair of pants that I think will fit the bill.  Hopefully I'll need to use them soon.  It's not like I won't use them anyway, but I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't have this particular use in mind.

Employments tends to cost money.  It sucks.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I went to Fleece Fest with a friend earlier today.  Yes, it is what it sounds like.  An entire building full of yarn, knitting and other yarn crafts.  They even had people there spinning their own yarn.  It was very interesting.  And kind of weird, at the same time.  Some of the yarn was so beautiful.  Such great colours.  And hand dyed and organic and really lovely.  You can not imagine the different colours and types of yarn that exist, until you go into a place like this.

I'm a knitter.  I don't hide this.  And so, I've always coveted those kits of corded needles where you get all sorts of sizes, and you can change out the tips of the needles on the cords.  To anyone who doesn't knit, that won't make any sense at all.  Anyway, they had a kit like that there.  And I was gazing appreciatively at it.  And I had to explain why I was looking at them to my friend because she's a more novice knitter than me.  She happened to buy some yarn and needles at this vendor.  When making her purchase she turns to me and says "Go get that needle set.  Merry Christmas."

I'm still a little surprised.  She did not have to do that.  But I love my needles. And I appreciate her thinking of that as a gift.  I no longer have to covet other knitters.  I have the good needles.

Also, I no longer scoff at the people who say that using expensive/good needles make a difference in your knitting.  Because they're actually right.  It's a much smoother process with better needles.  The yarn seems to slide more easily, and nothing catches.  And there's none of that annoying clicky sound.

It's nice.

Friday, October 21, 2011


No go on the job.  They're going with internal candidates.  Which makes a lot of people ask: if they were going to go with internal candidates why did they post externally?  I think it's a case of not knowing that there were going to be internal candidates (it's a small organization) and so they posted externally and just happened to get internals that were actually qualified.  Also, they might have been trying to deepen the pool.  To make sure that they didn't just hire internally when someone more qualified might be out there.  

Anyway, it does seem like they've wasted a few people's time.  Mine included.  But they were very positive about the whole thing.  I was very qualified and came across well and it was a pleasure to meet me and blah blah blah.  

I don't know, it's never very reassuring when they're telling you to go away, at the same time as all the positive thoughts.  Oh well.  Something else will come along, right?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Perhaps, possibly, maybe?

Things might be looking up a little.

I think I got a part-time job this afternoon.  I put in a couple of applications last night, while I was being bummed, and this afternoon when I checked my voicemail I had a message from one of them.  And so I called them back, answered a few questions and am meeting with someone from Customer service on Sunday to do some paperwork.

I think that means I have a job.  So yey.  I might be able to afford Christmas.  And to eat for the next few months.  And there's probably a discount there, so that's a plus too.  Perfect for Christmas gifting.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Job interview today:

At the end, one of the two interviewers tells me that there were 107 applicants for the position, some of them very qualified and that I should be pleased to have gotten an interview.

I'm not sure how to take that.  Does it mean thanks but not thanks.  Or is it purely informational.

There's no next step.  Interview is done, and now I wait.  But I wait with a very puzzled look on my face.

I don't understand.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gotta cut loose

Went to see the new Footloose remake tonight.  Despite my initial impression from the tv ads that it was going to be just a replica with new actors, it was not.  And I did definitely enjoy it.  Enough new to make it original, but enough old to make it a great homage.  My friend and I both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Enough so that I'm considering putting it on the "to purchase" list.  Eventually.  There are a number of items ahead of it.  And the original.  The original still wins.  But the remake did a damn fine job for itself.

Note to self: Craig Brewer's a good director.  I should check out his other stuff.

Kenny Wormald was great as Ren.  He probably dances better than Kevin Bacon.

While not usually a Julianne Hough fan, I was totally able to forget that she was the actress and get lost in the life of the character of Ariel.  Kudos on that.

Miles Teller is someone to watch in the future.  As Willard, he was endearing and rednecky, and totally enjoyable.

I recommend seeing (the new) Footloose.  At some point.  Maybe not in the theatre, but it's totally not a waste of 2 hours.

Having said that, I really, really feel the need to watch the original right now.  And dammit, I don't own it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning amusement

I work in small town.  There is a high school in town, but very little fast food.  The McDonald's is currently undergoing renovations.  Only the Drive-Thru is open.  Fact: most drive-thrus do not allow you to go through without an automobile.

As I was going back to work from uptown this morning, I see a small troop of high school kids walking along, carrying a chunk of cardboard with some holes cut in it.  As I watch them, I realize the cardboard is cut into the shape of a car.

The kids had cut the box into the shape of a car so that they could walk through the drive-thru at McDonald's.

Ingenuity at it's best.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wow, check out the controversy that is me!

I recently made the "mistake" of posting an opinion on twitter about a movie that I'd seen the trailer for on TV all night.  My opinion was based erroneously, I found out after that, when numerous people attacked me for it.  One person calmly pointed out that I was wrong.  That person turned out the be the movie's director.  I then went and checked out a longer version of the trailer for said movie.  I was definitely wrong.  I apologized for my error.

Somehow this is not good enough for one person.  This person is having issues with the fact that I'm calling my tweet an opinion.  Below is the dictionary definition of opinion:
1. a belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2. a personal view, attitude or appraisal.

I'm not sure how what I posted doesn't count as an opinion, based on the one TV trailer that I had repeatedly seen that night.  And I'm frustrated by this person, who seems to think I have it out for this movie.  I was posting what I thought.  I'm still allowed to do that, right?  And I did apologize and correct myself upon realizing I was wrong.  And the director of the flipping movie is fine with me.  Even had more discussion afterwards.

I don't get it.  First, I don't understand why this guy really cares.  Is he in the movie?  Is this somehow personal to him?  I just don't get it.

But I think I'm over it.  I just needed to explain myself somewhere.  And Twitter doesn't let me use enough words.

BTW: you can follow me on Twitter.  Apparently, I say controversial things. *shrug*

Monday, October 10, 2011


I bought a new calendar yesterday, and markers and some cute stickers.  I am going to use these to create my own "happiness project".   I'll put the stickers on the calendar when I do certain things, like blog, or exercise, and it'll be a way to keep myself accountable, because I'll be able to see whether I'm actually doing what I say I'm doing.  It seems kind of silly. but I think it might be the way for me to actually motivate myself.

And I need to make sure I'm motivated to the weight loss goal this time.  I'm not going to let time go by and say "Oh, I wish I'd... "  because I do that a lot.  I can keep to almost any goal that someone else sets for me because I'm a people pleaser in most cases, but I let myself down a lot.  And I need to stop doing that.

I should probably do a little self-analysis to figure out why I feel like I'm self-sabotaging.  That would probably be useful.  But I'm hoping that as I go through this process that maybe I'll find the doing of these things rewarding enough that I don't feel like that anymore, and I won't have to figure out why I did it in the first place.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have a friend.  A friend who's recently engaged.  A friend who just called to ask if I'd be her maid of honour!  So, so shocked!  I've never been in anyone's wedding before.  I'm not sure that I'm up to this challenge.  True, it's going to be a pretty small wedding, and both the bride and the groom have been married before, so it's not likely to be completely traditional, but it's still a little daunting.  Also, I totally wasn't expecting it.  There are sisters, and daughters involved that I thought would take precedence.  So again, shocked!

But so honoured.  And appreciative that she asked.

The biggest concern for me is the tradition of speeches.  I am generally not a public speaker.  Actually take the generally out of there.  I'm completely not a public speaker.   I'm good with words.  I know I am.  But I'm much, much better at delivering them on paper than in person.  So despite the fact that the wedding isn't until sometime next year, some part of my brain is already working on the concept of a speech.  So I have multiple pieces of paper that have little thoughts written on them.  Hopefully, if I keep this up I'll have something coherent by the time I need it.

The other part of this is that it gives me a super good goal for weight loss.  I assume there will be pictures; I want to look good in them.   And so, tomorrow I buy a calendar big enough to make stars and checks and notes about whether or not I'm keeping to exercise goals that I'm going to write on the calendar.  Maybe I'll buy myself some stickers.  Gold stars.  And black blobs.  Things that will motivate me by making me stare my successes and failures (no, let's call them setbacks) in the face.  Every day.

Goals.  Yes.  Good.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Life really is about the simple things.

I'm staying in today.  This in itself isn't a surprise.  But I'm sitting by my patio door, first with the window slightly open for the fresh air, until it got chilly, and then with the fireplace turned slightly on.  Working on baby gifts for a friend.  Watching Doctor Zhivago on television.

None of the joy of these things are costly.  Yes, I pay for the digital cable that supplies the movie, and yes, I paid for the supplies for the baby gifts.  But as an activity on a daily basis, none of them are expensive.

And it really is such a nice thing to just sit and drink tea and craft.  Letting my mind wander, or not, listening to the cat purr on the couch nearby.  To just be.

It's a lovely way to spend a day.