Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Interview yesterday.  Went hopefully well.  Has the potential to be a very well-suited job for me.  I hope they think that I'm at least well-suited enough to get a second interview.  I've never gotten a second interview.  Cross your fingers.

The weather sucks.  It's warmish and rainy one day, then it's cold and snowy the next.  This is winter.  In Canada.  It's supposed to be snowy and cold.  That's what we're all used to.  Just do it and get it over with.  And if it's still doing this waffle-ass business in April, I will be pissed.  Spring and fall are my favourite seasons, and we very rarely get either of those anymore.

Beyond that, life is... well, life.  It continues.  And there's not a whole lot more to say.  The exercise resolution is going well.  I've lost 4-5 pounds and I've done exercise most days so far this year.  So that's good.  Hopefully it's becoming a habit.  The reading resolution is also going well.  I'm halfway through book number 3 for the year.  That's a good pace.

Beyond that, resolutions be damned.  Those are enough to think about.  (I'm just mad at myself because the goal to write more tanked... in the first week.  That blog has been sitting vacant since, I think, day 3... bad, bad potential writer.  You should be flogged.)

I'm currently going through all the multitude of CDs that I owe, but rarely listen to and ripping them to my computer so that I will actually make use of the music they contain.  I missed some of them.  Some of them, not so much.  But it's all going to be there, at my finger tips.  My neighbours may begin to hate me.  The music will be very, very random for a while.

Hmm... that might be it.  Like I said, keep the fingers crossed that I get a phone call for a second interview.  That would be monumental news.  And throw in a prayer for better weather.  That would be nice.

I have to go work on finish a baby gift, for a baby that's already been born.  Kinda needs to get done before the shower.  Cross your fingers on that too...

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