Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tied Together

I keep meaning to post this and I don't think I have up until now.  When my family did the 5k walk for Prostate Cancer on Father's Day, we were photographed to possibly be in a photo display put together by Photosensitive and Prostate Cancer Canada.  

Well, our (technically, my dad's) photo was chosen to be in the display.  The display is travelling across the country, and was at Brookfield Place in Toronto January 9-20.  We went to the opening earlier this month.  It was interesting to see the photos in a display, and read the mini-stories that were along with them.  Also a little depressing.  It did make me realize how lucky we are that my dad has reacted as well as he has to his treatments.  It could have been so different.

You can see the photo gallery at Tied Together

We actually, have two photos in the gallery.  On the first page, toward the bottom.
The one to the right here (the first one in the gallery) was in the actual display.

It's kind of neat, but kind of weird.  I don't know really know how to explain it.

I will be walking again, in June, for the Father's Day Run/Walk.  Think about giving.

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