Wednesday, June 3, 2015

One way of thinking...

This is a fabulous article.  And says many things that I was thinking as I first saw the Vanity Fair cover.

Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover conforms to Ages Old Male Standards of Beauty - from The Toronto Star (06/02/15)

It's definitely a valid life choice for Caitlyn Jenner to follow her heart to make changes to herself and to allow the public to follow her journey to attempt change in the world.  But does she have to use an out-dated female stereotype to exhibit that change?

A friend posted this on Facebook.  Good for Jon Stewart!
Jon Stewart made a brilliant point about Caitlyn Jenner that nobody's talking about

Wish you were here

Often after a TV show that I've watched is cancelled, I will follow the careers of the actors in that show to find out what they go on to do.  Lauren Graham, for example, I watched on Parenthood and try to catch on Ellen every time she's on (Highly recommend this especially - she's hilarious and never says anything useful.  It's just funny.)

Another example: Bethany Joy Lenz played Haley on One Tree Hill.  I've always found her interesting, putting aside the fact that Haley was the character that made the most sense to me on the show.  From the random snippets of interviews that I've seen of her, I have always enjoyed her personality outside the show as well.  She now has this awesomely adorable blog that I'm following. In it's own words "For anyone seduced by nostalgia and inspired by the future, WISH YOU WERE HERE is a little place to rest a while."

It's just the right combination of fashion, beauty, nostalgia and the exactly right amount of snark and personality that I absolutely love it right now.

Edit - 02/04/2018 - the site is called Modern Vintage Life now, still awesome.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Finding me...

Have you ever wondered if there was one choice that you made that completely changed the course of your life?  I'm not talking about the life altering decisions that clearly alter your path.  I mean the little ones, the ones that seem to be of no consequence, beyond choosing what to eat for dinner, or which movie to go to on a particular night.

Is it possible, that every single tiny little detail that you choose means you go in a different direction.  What if by choosing this movie instead of that one, you miss out on meeting someone who could have made an impact?  What if by reading this book, you changed your perspective on a topic and had an argument with someone who could have been a valuable ally?  There are so many things that could change just because of the little things.