Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Resolutions?

Do I actually believe in New Year Resolutions?  No.  Mainly because the first day of the new year is basically exactly the same as the last day of the previous one.  So what makes me think that I can make changes any better that day than any other?  Nothing, that's what.

Usually my resolution is to not make resolutions, which means that I've immediately broken my resolution.  It takes the pressure off.

But this year, I am going to make resolutions, the theory being that if I write them down, they'll be more concrete and I'll have to stick to them.

And so, the list:
1) Lose weight.  The magic number is 30.  With a hope for a bit more.  And the goal is to lose it by September.
2) Read more.  This year I read 45 books.  The goal is to read just as many next year.
3) Try something new.  I want to join a book club, take a cooking class or learn to sew.
4) Write more.  This kind of goes along with read more because when I read more, I generally feel more creative and can write more. Also, I want to take a writing course.  I know they're offered at continuing ed at UWO.  Just need to find the money.
5) Blog more.  Hand in hand with write more, actually.  Just a different form of writing.
6) Find a new job.  It's just time.  I'm in the 8th year at the Complex, and it's beyond time to find something where I can grow and challenge myself.  Or at least not feel like I'm going to throw up before I go to work some mornings.

And that, my friends, is my resolution list.  Feedback?  Anyone?  Anybody want to help with any of the resolutions?  Be a buddy to keep me on track?  Let me know.

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