Saturday, November 5, 2011

The times they are a changing...


I just got offered a part-time seasonal position at Northern Reflections.  It's not trendy, or cool.  But it seems like a pleasant place to work, which is what I really need as a second job.  I have the opportunity to be working in two locations, because I technically was hired for one, which has some evening hours, which works best with my availability, but the manager who hired me is actually going to be at another store, that's just opening this week and says she wants me to work for her.  So I might get experience in both stores.   Which would add a nice element of variation to it.

We'll see how it works out.  Maybe I can play it out into an actual part-time job.  She did say in the interview that was a possibility.  That would probably be nice.  We'll see.

Right now, I'm just excited that I have a little bit less stress, knowing that I'll have even a tiny bit more money coming in for a couple of months.

Life goes on

Obla di obla da...

Okay so that's bass ackwards, but you get the idea.

I may have a part time job in the next week or so.  I made a follow up call.  Apparently I'm on the top of the potential hire list, and she called a reference for me today.  So we'll see when/if I actually start.  I'm kind of excited.

I went dress shopping and hanging out with a friend today.  Dress shopping because she's getting married, so with her mom and her fiancees two girls (who might as well be hers at this point.)  It was fun.  In a weird kind of way.  The dresses were NOT good.  But it's good to know things you don't want too, right?

I'm a fan of the David's Bridal website.  Lots of brilliant ideas for dresses, even if you're not going to shop there.  Great for ideas.  And the prices are good.

And now I'm tired.  Which means I'm old.  Yes, it's 12:45am, but I used to be able to do this so easily.  I slept in today.  It should be easy.

Oh well... life goes on.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Music is life...

Not really mine, but I certainly wish it was.

Went to see Nick Carter live on his "I'm Taking Off" tour at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre.  Not a place I generally think of for a concert, but it worked out really nicely actually.  The accoustics were pretty good, and it felt so much more intimate than an actual concert venue.  This was more like a theatre.

I like sometimes to sit back and muse about artists I've been following and why I've continued to do that.  And more often than not, that musing revolves around Nick Carter, since Backstreet Boys have been a segment of my life for a number of years now.  It's unusual to look at the Nick of today, and realize how young he was when I started paying attention to BSB.  And it's been a good transition.  It's fun to look back.  There've been bumps of course, but I've never not liked them, as a group, and I haven't ever gone through the stage of being bored by them.  I appreciate the solo efforts when they come, but I'm always a bit happier to see them together as a unit.  I don't know why.  There's just something about the melding of the voices.

Nick sang Larger than Life during his set, and I found it very amusing that he sings that song the same way that a fan sings it.  It's almost as if he's mimicking the missing 3 (or 4) voices, instead of singing each section as if he'd always done it.  It's endearing.  And makes me think about how odd it must feel to sing the other 3 (or 4) parts of a song that you usually don't sing.  It's interesting.

Shawn Desman opened the show, and since he wrote the Canadian bonus track "Love Can't Wait" with Nick, I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only person who was disappointed when that song didn't make the set list.

1. I'm Taking Off,
2. Blow Your Mind
3. Not The Other Guy
4. I Got You
5. Special
6. Nothing Left To Lose
7. The Great Divide
8. Do I Have To Cry For You (remixed)
9. So Far Away
10. Larger Than Life
11. Just One Kiss
12. Falling Down
13. Incomplete
14. Burning Up

Since Love Can't Wait wasn't included, I'm posting the video to conclude this post.  With one final word.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morning funny

Only funny if you watch Supernatural, but that's okay.

Alternate version of a scene from the episode two weeks ago.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Burned my thumb on a cookie sheet.  Hard to type, but easy to click, so I'm watching things that make me smile.

Like this:

I should also say that today is the start of NaNoWriMo, and I can't keep my hand out of frozen cold water long enough to make my word count.  And I have ideas!  Finally a Nano when I have something to write about.
This sucks!!!