Thursday, January 24, 2013

tiniest of tiny updates

Home sick today.  Wicked headache and throwing up feeling, so called in.  Slept 'til noon, then watched tv and basically did nothing.

Work tomorrow.  Blech.

New breadmaker to make bread on this weekend.  Yey.  Bad for carb intake, but happy because a favorite smell is that of bread baking.

Lots of book-reading to do.  Also, tv to catch up on.  Which are contra-indicative.  It's hard to read while paying attention to tv, and actually understanding what's going on.

Nothing else exciting.  Work is still work, life is still dull.  Planning to cut off my hair once again.  Tired of it always being on my shirt collars and getting all wavy and annoying from scarves and winter coats.  Also, just tired of it.  Hopefully next week that will be done.

And that's the update for today.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

There goes that resolution

So apparently blogging more often is a bad resolution - it's pretty much already broken.

Last weekend, I worked my last shift at my seasonal part-time job, and then Sunday went to spend the day with my favourite one-year-old on his birthday.  He's sort of, kind of, like a nephew, since I'll never actually have any biological ones, and his mom has been my friend since we were in grade 2 (with a few minor breaks in the middle when she or I moved away from the other.  She tried to give me her little brother - yes, literally, give him to me.  I was halfway down the school hallway before her mom noticed!) during the first month that we knew each other, so somehow it was definitely going to be a lasting friendship.)

I spent this past week training a co-op student because my boss was out sick (the flu is crazy - crazy!! - this year), and working an additional half hour/night because we can't leave the co-op student alone yet, and then sleeping when I got home.  Oh, and my Human Resources class started this week, so there was homework and reading in there too.  Ridiculous.

I had to clean this weekend because I've been really, really slack on that, and I have the post-Christmas party for my seasonal part-time job tonight.

I did get to spend some fun-time on Friday night with a good friend and her sister-in-law, knitting (we're making infinity scarves) and drinking, chatting.  That was lovely.  And I'm addicted to another TV show (Sons of Anarchy, in case you're wondering) so there's that.

Beyond that, I don't think there's anything else to report.

There might be a post on the weight loss blog later (nope, no actual weight loss, just an observation that I might find time to make) but I don't have anything else to put up here for the moment.