Saturday, October 22, 2011


I went to Fleece Fest with a friend earlier today.  Yes, it is what it sounds like.  An entire building full of yarn, knitting and other yarn crafts.  They even had people there spinning their own yarn.  It was very interesting.  And kind of weird, at the same time.  Some of the yarn was so beautiful.  Such great colours.  And hand dyed and organic and really lovely.  You can not imagine the different colours and types of yarn that exist, until you go into a place like this.

I'm a knitter.  I don't hide this.  And so, I've always coveted those kits of corded needles where you get all sorts of sizes, and you can change out the tips of the needles on the cords.  To anyone who doesn't knit, that won't make any sense at all.  Anyway, they had a kit like that there.  And I was gazing appreciatively at it.  And I had to explain why I was looking at them to my friend because she's a more novice knitter than me.  She happened to buy some yarn and needles at this vendor.  When making her purchase she turns to me and says "Go get that needle set.  Merry Christmas."

I'm still a little surprised.  She did not have to do that.  But I love my needles. And I appreciate her thinking of that as a gift.  I no longer have to covet other knitters.  I have the good needles.

Also, I no longer scoff at the people who say that using expensive/good needles make a difference in your knitting.  Because they're actually right.  It's a much smoother process with better needles.  The yarn seems to slide more easily, and nothing catches.  And there's none of that annoying clicky sound.

It's nice.

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