Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have a friend.  A friend who's recently engaged.  A friend who just called to ask if I'd be her maid of honour!  So, so shocked!  I've never been in anyone's wedding before.  I'm not sure that I'm up to this challenge.  True, it's going to be a pretty small wedding, and both the bride and the groom have been married before, so it's not likely to be completely traditional, but it's still a little daunting.  Also, I totally wasn't expecting it.  There are sisters, and daughters involved that I thought would take precedence.  So again, shocked!

But so honoured.  And appreciative that she asked.

The biggest concern for me is the tradition of speeches.  I am generally not a public speaker.  Actually take the generally out of there.  I'm completely not a public speaker.   I'm good with words.  I know I am.  But I'm much, much better at delivering them on paper than in person.  So despite the fact that the wedding isn't until sometime next year, some part of my brain is already working on the concept of a speech.  So I have multiple pieces of paper that have little thoughts written on them.  Hopefully, if I keep this up I'll have something coherent by the time I need it.

The other part of this is that it gives me a super good goal for weight loss.  I assume there will be pictures; I want to look good in them.   And so, tomorrow I buy a calendar big enough to make stars and checks and notes about whether or not I'm keeping to exercise goals that I'm going to write on the calendar.  Maybe I'll buy myself some stickers.  Gold stars.  And black blobs.  Things that will motivate me by making me stare my successes and failures (no, let's call them setbacks) in the face.  Every day.

Goals.  Yes.  Good.

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amadenna said...

Believe in yourself. S asked you to be her maid of honour because she believes in you. I have never known you to not give your all. Maybe all those other weddings were the test drive for "maid of honour" duties! Let me know if you need any help. I was once a maid of honour. :)