Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gotta cut loose

Went to see the new Footloose remake tonight.  Despite my initial impression from the tv ads that it was going to be just a replica with new actors, it was not.  And I did definitely enjoy it.  Enough new to make it original, but enough old to make it a great homage.  My friend and I both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Enough so that I'm considering putting it on the "to purchase" list.  Eventually.  There are a number of items ahead of it.  And the original.  The original still wins.  But the remake did a damn fine job for itself.

Note to self: Craig Brewer's a good director.  I should check out his other stuff.

Kenny Wormald was great as Ren.  He probably dances better than Kevin Bacon.

While not usually a Julianne Hough fan, I was totally able to forget that she was the actress and get lost in the life of the character of Ariel.  Kudos on that.

Miles Teller is someone to watch in the future.  As Willard, he was endearing and rednecky, and totally enjoyable.

I recommend seeing (the new) Footloose.  At some point.  Maybe not in the theatre, but it's totally not a waste of 2 hours.

Having said that, I really, really feel the need to watch the original right now.  And dammit, I don't own it.

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