Friday, January 28, 2011

First week down...

... and where do I go from here?

I went back to work this week. After 3 months of lazing about at home, on disability after my surgery. Wow, I may downplay what I do, but it's tiring being at work. And actually having to get up in the morning is completely for the birds. Especially when it's freakin' winter outside, and you have to clean off the car! That's insanity! Why do we put ourselves through this? Oh. Ya. I almost forgot about the paycheck and the needing to live thing.

Anyway, nothing's really changed at work. It's still the same place I remember when I left. Except that well, things changed. Nothing exciting changed. And nothing is really any better, but things changed. And I have to make adjustments for that, which is fine. I'm not afraid of change, nor do I dislike change, assuming that a) I haven't previously suggested making these changes, only to have been turned down, or b) I understand why we're doing things that way. I like reason and logic. And if I don't understand, I have a hard time just doing something because I'm being told that's what I should be doing. I don't know what it is about my brain chemistry, but I just balk at that.

There is some good news, in a world semi-adjacent to mine. One of my friends got a new job, that she really, really wanted. And I'm so excited for her, because she's been looking for something like this that would put her in a position similar. So yey! And well, now I'm thinking it's my turn. All my friends are in places that they like. And somehow I'm still here. And eventually, my world has to become a place that I enjoy right? Because otherwise I'm not sure who I pissed off up in that great expanse of ether to have gotten this lot in life. I'll just keep trying, and something's gotta turn up eventually.

In other good news, which sounds really dorky, my mom told me last night, that somehow she managed to get my grandmother's good china dishes for me. I mentioned years ago, that if there was an opportunity, I'd kind of like to have them, since I don't have good dishes and they'd be a nice thing to have. I never expected that I would ever actually get them. And yet, there are Rubbermaid bins at my mother's house right now with the dishes in them. It's crazy. So now, I have to find a place to store them. And well, I have to plan a dinner party of some kind so that I have some use for them. They're pretty. And not something anyone would ever expect me to actually own, because they're dainty with pink flowers. But they were my grammy's and that just is important.

And now, I think I need to go because "An Idiot Abroad" is on, and I need to concentrate on the stupidity, so that I don't miss anything. :)


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