Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random projects

I'm sometimes a bit of a pushover. I feel bad saying no to people if I think it's someone who's opinion might actually matter. For example, while I'm off work, I've been asked to create a website for the church my parents attend. Technically I'm a member there also, but I only joined because at the age of 16 I was expected to. I don't actually go to church, so this is my way of contributing as a member. That's also why I'm considering saying that I will continue to update the site, given that it will not be an extensive job. And by that I mean I'll only have to update once a week and it will take less than an hour.

Other random projects: I knit. I know, it's seen as an old ladies' hobby, but I do it anyway. It's been a great gift-making venture. But I've nearly run out of people to give gifts to. So if there's anyone out there that needs anything knitted, let me know. It's one of the ways that I keep my hands busy while I watch television so that I'm not eating. Seems to work, though I haven't actually lost any weight that I can attribute to the knitting.

The other thing I do to keep my hands busy is cross-stitching. Another old lady hobby. I don't do it as often though because it takes much more thought. I need to finish a few projects of it, because I have kits that I'd like to see completed, but it takes time. And energy.

Knitting is more brainless/automatic for me. But I do need more patterns, so if anybody has simple ones (absolutely no cables - I'm not patient enough for cables) feel free to contribute to my knitting fetish. I do a lot of feather/fan projects because it's simple.

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