Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas analysis

Here it is, December 27th, 2010. Christmas is past. Boxing Day is past (I'm Canadian, so yes, I "celebrate" Boxing Day, and no it isn't an occasion meant for boxing...) And I think now, I will spend a few minutes reflecting.


Or maybe I won't. Reflecting is probably highly over-rated anyway.

I will say this: for someone who claims to not really like kids, I do find myself in situations with them on a regular basis. At my friend's wedding this summer, another high school friend brought her two daughters. Who spent large amounts of time talking to me. And at Christmas, I found myself helping my, well, let's call her my cousin (once removed) who's nine, with the iPod that she'd gotten. And I'm still chatting with her, because it's her newest toy. She's sent me a good morning message both today and yesterday, and I've gotten other random messages through out the day. It is fun, really. It's just funny, also. Really defines the fact that children in small groups are perfectly fine. It's when the herding starts that I find them obnoxious. :P

Anyway, while I sit and mull over the impending end of this year we've called 2010, I'll take my leave. I'm hoping to make posting here a more regular thing. We'll see.

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