Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back to blog part 3 - Backstreet's Back, Alright!

Nick & AJ at sound check
And to round out the vacation, the Boys came to Toronto with the "In a World Like This" tour (August 7, Molson Amphitheatre).  My friend  decided to do the soundcheck, and I caved as well, mainly because I'd never been to soundcheck with Kevin as a part of the group.  It was a long and disorganized wait for soundcheck but it was awesome to see all five of them back together again.

Five Boys together again
Our seats for the show were far from the best we'd ever had, but hope for a second leg of the tour makes it all better.  (Plus a really good camera.)

I had wondered how they'd deal with the songs Kevin hadn't been a part of.  Unfortunately, the answer to that was to not do any of those songs.  I missed a few of them, but it was really kind of a celebration of their longevity as a group.  They're 20th Anniversary.  I can get over the loss of a few songs.

Set List:
The Call
Don't Want you Back
Permanent Stain
All I Have to Give
As Long as You Love Me
Show 'Em (What You're Made of)
Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
I'll Never Break Your Heart
We've Got it Goin' On
Safest Place to Hide
10,000 Promises (Accoustic)
Madeleine (Accoustic)
Quit Playing Games with My Heart (Accoustic)
The One
Love Somebody
More Than That
In A World Like This
I Want it That Way
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Larger than Life

It was really nice to see the chemistry and interaction of all five is still the same, even through separation and so many other things have happened in all of their lives.

Post script: I have, since the concert, read Nick Carter's book "Facing the Music, and Living to Talk About it".  The book was interesting from a fan perspective because it shed light on some some timing of events, and relationships in the group.   Seeing all five of the members together at the concert, and having a better perspective of what they've been through together, makes it mean that much more.  If I were to never see them perform together again, I could be okay with that.  It would be really disappointing, but this concert could be a good closer.
Jesse McCartney

Post Post Script: Jesse McCartney was the Opening Act.  He's fun.  And I probably wouldn't have appreciated his set had he opened for the Boys any sooner than now.

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