Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to Blog part 1 - nostalgia

I've missed a while.  It's funny, when I actually have stuff to write about, I don't write.  But when I have nothing going on is when I make time for it.  I'm on vacation this week, so I'm going to make time to update the things I should have posted months ago.

Carlos Delgado - the smile is amazing.
Anyway, July 21 was Carlos Delgado Day.  Let me explain - the Toronto Blue Jays inducted Carlos Delgado into the Level of Excellence at the Rogers Centre (I still think of it as SkyDome.  Probably always will.)  And since Carlos was a big part of my baseball history - and a special love of a friend of mine's mum - we took our mom's  to the game.  

Despite an eventual loss (nearly heartbreaking!  I have to say because they almost came back in the bottom of the 9th) it was a great time.  We saw Carlos up close, my friend's mum shook his hand, and Alex Gonzalez and Shawn Green were also in attendance, a special treat for my friend and I since they were our favourite players.  
Alex Gonzalez, Shawn Green & Jose Cruz Jr.

It was nice to see that the friendship we had seen so many years ago was true and still carried on beyond the team, and the game.  My friend and I agreed that while it was nice to see them, it did make us miss those days.  In a sad way.  And for a number of reasons beyond the obvious.

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