Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life goes on

Obla di obla da...

Okay so that's bass ackwards, but you get the idea.

I may have a part time job in the next week or so.  I made a follow up call.  Apparently I'm on the top of the potential hire list, and she called a reference for me today.  So we'll see when/if I actually start.  I'm kind of excited.

I went dress shopping and hanging out with a friend today.  Dress shopping because she's getting married, so with her mom and her fiancees two girls (who might as well be hers at this point.)  It was fun.  In a weird kind of way.  The dresses were NOT good.  But it's good to know things you don't want too, right?

I'm a fan of the David's Bridal website.  Lots of brilliant ideas for dresses, even if you're not going to shop there.  Great for ideas.  And the prices are good.

And now I'm tired.  Which means I'm old.  Yes, it's 12:45am, but I used to be able to do this so easily.  I slept in today.  It should be easy.

Oh well... life goes on.

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