Saturday, August 29, 2015


How can a group of people expect society to "not see people based on their colour", but then complain about other groups who are "colour-blind" when speaking about issues.

Being a blonde, blue-eyed caucasian, I am clearly not part of a visible minority group (except for being female), but I just don't understand the hypocrisy.

When a report comes out about virtually anything, the first thing minority groups comment is that the report is colour-blind - as in it doesn't take into account issues specific to particular minority groups.

But as a whole, society is expected to see everyone as equal, without making note of any colour differences.  How does one discuss issues specific to a minority group that you're not supposed to be making note of?  It doesn't make sense.

People are people.  We should be aiming for a society where there are no issues for specific races/colours/cultures, but only issues to specific people, or to society as a whole.  Stop taking backward steps.

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