Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nick at night

... with Nick & Knight.  (I know, it's not really clever, but I'm tired.)

The jist of that statement is that Nick Carter and Jordan Knight are touring together, and I saw them last night.  It was exceptionally fun.  They both seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the crowd was actually really good, despite it's general admission-ness.  Ran into an old friend, which was nice, and went with my oldest friend so all in all it was a super night.

Pictures are not so great, but not surprising from a short person in a general admission venue - there were a LOT of heads and hands to contend with, so there are a lot of pictures that became unfocussed on someone's hand that jumped in front of the lens before I could take the photo.

I'm having some envy issues because Nick also had a lunch event today - that cost $200!!! - and had some amazing stuff included.  A friend went, hence the envy, and got an amazing picture with Nick and has posted some awesome video of his accoustic set from during the event.  Friend also went to the Afterparty last night, and had VIP meet & greet for the show today.  *sigh*  Can't begrudge it at all.  But can't say I'm not envious.

Seriously, no doubt I'm envious, but part of my brain wonders if the celebrities that offer events like this ever wonder about the sanity of people who pay that kind of money to spend time with them.  I would pay, if I had that kind of discretionary income, so the thought is no kind of judgement on anyone can, but I still have to wonder.

I'm having some trouble recalling the set list, and for some reason no one has posted it online so bare with me.  I'm very disappointed in the fandom(s) right now.  You'd think that between the Blockheads and the .... (wait, what are Backstreet fans called?) Backstreet fans, one of them would have posted the set list on line by now.  On the other hand, Friend is also seeing the show tonight, and apparently there's some kind of live stream next week, so we'll get it figured out yet. - so note that this WILL be edited, it's definitely not right. (Live stream October 14 @ 8pm) (edit: It's still not right, because they changed the set list for the LiveStream, but at least it's closer than it was.)

Nick & Knight - Sound Academy (Toronto)
Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nobody Better
Burning Up/Let's Go Higher
The Two of Us
Take Me Home
Halfway There
If You Go Away (NKOTB)
I Want It That Way (BSB)
Drive My Car
No idea what they were looking at, but it's adorable90's Mix: Bad Boy (Make me feel so good), No Diggity, Gettin' Jiggy Wit It, Hip Hop Hooray, Jump Jump, Creep, Thong Song, Ride It
Deja Vu
If You Want It
One More Time
Give It To You
I Got You (LiveStream version)
The Right Stuff/Larger Than Life
One More Time w. crowd as encore

Thank you, and Good night!

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