Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Wrap Up

So, this has been an interesting year.  Mostly in the past two months, work-wise, and otherwise, not really at all.  For unforeseen circumstances, I have had added responsibility, and managed to handle it all fairly gracefully, which is both good because it gives me background when applying for new and exciting positions, and bad because I've had to be stuck at the Complex to accomplish it.  I'm still anxious to find a new position for reasons too numerous to list here.  And I hope that I'm not so desperate for something new that it comes across to anyone who chooses to offer me an interview.

I've continued to read a lot; I've done some crafting.  I've met some new people, and I joined a gym.  Actually I met most of the new people at the gym, so that should probably be listed backwards.  I'm trying to take better care of myself as I pull into the end of my fortieth year.  And I find that I'm assessing my life differently, and mostly not well.

My thoughts are not as coherent as they may normally be, because I am currently suffering from a rather horrible headcold, which is wreaking havoc with everything I would love to be doing.  I'd like to read, but I have so little attention span that I think I may just be heading to bed.  I may add some more thoughts later, but for now, I leave the thought that I am happy for this particular year to be over.

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