Sunday, March 23, 2014

Divergent: the books- spoilers present

I finished reading the Divergent series last night.  And as usual, as I'm reading along, I'm thinking about how I don't really like the female character.  She seems kind of whiney and a little bit stupid.  Strong and brave but still whiney and stupid. Which is why I was so incredibly shocked to find that the story ends up not really being about her in the end anyway. She was kind of just a means to an end.  And yet, I still felt like crying about her loss. 

Clearly the books have really well written characters, or I wouldn't have gotten that attached. The story itself is really just another of the super common (right now) dystopian society themes, but has a little bit of an interesting twist on the basic.  Enough to make you wonder where our society is headed, what faction would you choose.

Going to see the movie this afternoon.  Fully expect to come out thinking they missed some important details, and I already know that the Four they cast, doesn't look like the Four in my head, so we'll have to see if that works out for me.  How Four can the actor prove he is? I spent the books forcing Shailene Woodley into the Tris part in my head, thinking that would be the most important thing to deal with; she's almost, kind of perfect now. 

Anyway, loved the books, happy to see there is an anthology of short stories about Four coming out in July since, even though he made some stupid choices, he was my favourite character.  And this way the Divergent journey isn't over yet.

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