Sunday, June 3, 2012

Google +

Okay, so I like the idea.  The concept is good.

But I don't like that they are forcing me to put my full real name out there for all the world.  I like my privacy.  I share what I want, with who I want.  I prefer to be known by my initial. It's not a crime.  I don't share my location, I don't share my workplace. I'm trying to protect myself, and my identity.   I'm trying to avoid crazy cyber-stalker types.  I should be allowed to do that.   I don't necessarily want any person who knows my name to be able to find me online.  If I want them to find me, I'll let them know how.  This should be my right.

Google people are you listening?  I should be allowed to share only the information I want online.  You shouldn't be able to force me to allow everyone to see my whole name.  If you want to know my full name fine.  But I should be able to be present on my blog, and on my google+ page with just a common, comfortable nickname.

Got it?!

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L said...

Apparently If I want to continue to blog under my "pseudonym" and not my full common name, I need to not connect my blog account with Google +.

And so, that is what I shall do. Buhbye Google+

Google, you really need to figure out a way that people can keep their pseudonyms and be a part of Google+. You're limiting your usage participation by making this a requirement.